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Frequently Asked Questions

I'd like to answer some of the most common questions I receive here. If something is not covered, then just get in touch and ask for more information.

Where can I drop off a computer?

I am located in East Victoria Park. It is a home run business so I ask that you make a booking before coming via this page.
Can I get help at my home or office?
I certainly can come to you. However, it is cheaper if you bring the computer to me and often times I can get more work done for less money if it's brought to me, especially when the job entails lots of waiting for scans to finish or files to copy etc.

What are the prices?

For computers brought to me, the minimum charge is $60 (under 30mins work). 1 hour is $100. If the problem required longer than that then we would discuss further options.

Do I really need to get off Windows 7?

YES! If you do banking on a Windows 7 computer, STOP NOW. If it's just for playing solitaire then you're OK still using Windows 7.

Do I work on Macs?

Yes I certainly do. And yes, Macs can get viruses and malware. It is rarer for Macs to get attacked because the Mac OS is more secure but also the bad guys writing the viruses don't target Macs as they aim for the largest part of the market which is Windows PCs.
Macs can also suffer from degraded performance due to hard drives getting old and slow so upgrading to a solid state drive is great for them, just like a Windows PC.
How can I make my computer faster?
There are a few things that will make your computer go faster. The main thing is an upgrade to an SSD (Solid State Drive) if it doesn't already have one. This would typically cost around $200-$250 inc parts and labour (Feb 2020) and is the single best speed improvement that can be done on a computer.
More RAM (Random Access Memory) can also help performance when lots of apps are open or lots of tabs open in your web browser. RAM can be upgraded as cheaply as $40. A RAM upgrade will not always make a computer feel faster if that is not where the 'bottleneck' in peformance is on the computer.
Upgrading to a faster CPU (Central Processing Unit) can sometimes also be done but will depend on the type of computer and the age. Often if it needs a CPU upgrade it can be better to buy a new computer.
Can you fix my screen or replace a battery?
I can replace screens and batteries on laptops. I keep a few common ones in stock, others might need to be ordered in. You can send your enquiry to me here.

I don't do phones so if you want help with that I suggest Acmeco in Bentley.
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