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Perth Computer Help shadow box - Internet help (including NBN, ADSL, Cable, 4G, Wireless)

Perth Internet Help

(inc NBN, ADSL, Cable, 4G, Wireless)

Australia is in the midst of the rollout of the new internet system called the National Broadband Network or NBN. When a connection is made to the NBN the existing phone line is removed and your phone system will connect via the new NBN equipment.

Eventually all properties will have to switch to the NBN though the timing of this varies greatly from suburb to suburb.

Some suburbs are lucky enough to get Fibre to the premises (FTTP) which is a very robust solution and can give fantastic speeds. For others the fibre connection only reaches to the 'kerb' or nearby 'node' and then the internet travels down old copper wiring until it reaches the modem. This is far from ideal and problems can certainly arise from this.

For many people the switchover is smooth and the speeds improve, however also for many people the switch over is not smooth and sometimes the speeds do not even improve much. 

The other types of internet around Perth, which are not very common, are cable internet (that uses similar connection as Foxtel/TV style services) and various Wireless methods.

If you're experiencing drop outs, considering connecting to NBN or considering changing provider, please contact me for any questions or assistance.

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