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Perth Computer Help shadow box - data recovery


If you've had a hard drive in your computer die or an external hard drive or even an SD card from a camera stop working, often times the data can be recovered. You can bring it in to me for a free appraisal to let you know the chances of getting your data back.

There are basically two types of problems that can happen to your data storage device; a physical failure or a software failure.

Physical Failure

Physical failure is something like the drive heads getting stuck or the logic board of the drive failing. There are a number of possible fixes for all physical failures. 

Software Failure

Software failure is something like the partitions getting lost or corrupted, accidental deletion or simply a drive that won't boot but will show up in other ways.


In an ideal world data recovery wouldn't even be necessary as everyone would be doing backups, therefore a hard drive dying would not be much of a problem as the data could simply be restored from the backup. Check out the Data Backup page for more info.

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