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Perth Computer Help shadow box - laptop screens and batteries

Laptop repairs, screens, batteries and more.

Perth Computer Help can help you with your laptop repairs. Whether you've got a  cracked screen on your laptop or if you need the battery replaced to get it running longer, Perth Computer Help can help. Conveniently located in East Victoria Park, you can drop off your laptop that needs repairs and usually get it back within a couple of days, sometimes same day depending what exactly is needed.

Cracked laptop screen.

All laptops are not created equally, for this reason the replacement cost of a cracked screen can vary. But often times the replacement screen might be under $100 and the labour might be around $60. Of course this can vary depending on the model so contact us for a quote.

New battery for your laptop.

Batteries do not last forever so if your laptop no longer lasts on battery like when it was new then a replacement battery will restore it's life. As with screens, the battery and the method to replace it can vary greatly depending on the model. Sometimes the battery could be around $40 and you could even swap it our yourself with no tools at all. Sometimes the battery can be considerably more and whole laptop might have to be pulled apart to swap the battery. Contact us now for more information about your requirements.

Power supplies for laptops.

We have a large collection of used laptop power supplies so if you need a power supply in a hurry we can probably help get you going quickly and for less expense than a new power supply.

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