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Website Design and SEO

At Perth Computer Help we have recently increased capacity to help with website design and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Whether you want the site built from the ground up, an existing site improved on or you want to learn how to do it yourself, we can help. 



Modern website design platforms, or Content Management Systems (CMS) like Wix, WordPress and SquareSpace to name just a few can allow simple good looking websites to be built very easily so it's not unreasonable for you to be able to create the website yourself  with just a bit of guidance.

'Ground Up' site.

We can help you build a website for you that will always look clean and be easy to use. All websites include 'Basic SEO' to give your website a good chance of coming up high in search results but of course depending on the field your website is in, getting high in search results can be an ongoing task and we can help with a plan for that also.

Fix or update an old site.

Keeping your website looking fresh and uploading new content is important to ensure visitors have an enjoyable experience at your site and can find whatever they're looking for on your site. Having fresh content is also an important factor in search results as sites that have more recent edits will get higher results in search engines.

SEO and Google Adwords.

Your website should have a bare minimum of 'Basic SEO' strategies built into the site to allow good 'organic' search results for your site. If you're in a very competitive field the basic SEO will not be enough and you might want look at setting up Google Adwords campaigns. We can help you with strategies to drive more traffic to your website and to your business.

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