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Smart phones these days are a major tool for the day-to-day tasks most people perform in their connected lives. Mobile phones have grown from a device that would basically only make  phone calls and hold contacts to now allow novices to be able to do more and experts even more again. Below are some of what a modern mobile phone can do.

Perth Computer Help does not repair cracked screens. For this or other mobile phone repairs contact Matt from Acmeco, 94512474 or  0460049600


  • SMS messaging with pictures

  • Emailing with attachments

  • Taking and sharing photos and video

  • Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

  • GPS Navigation

  • Flashlight

  • Calendar reminders

  • Consuming media (YouTube,  Spotify, Foxtel, etc)

  • Browsing internet

  • Speedometer for car or boat

  • Monitoring weather


  • Streaming media to TV

  • Controlling home PC or audio equipment

  • Controlling remote PCs

  • Controlling light, home security or temperature

  • Managing business accounts

  • Diagnosing WiFi strength or deadspots

  • Online banking


Any modern smart phone has the built in ability to keep your data backed up to a number of cloud services so you never have a reason to lose contacts, SMSes, photos or anything really.

Apple has it's own iCloud service and Android will sync with your Google Account automatically. Both devices can also be connected to other cloud services like DropBox or OneDrive for even greater functionality. However it seems some people still do not take advantage of such services and when their phone is lost or stolen they are devastated to find their contacts and important data gone forever.

If you're not confident your phone is backing up your important data or you want to get more use from your smart phone contact me today.

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