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Looking for a new computer?

If you're looking for a new computer, let me help you. Buying your computer from a place that also sells fridges and washing machines is definitely not going to get you the best computer for your requirements.
I can help tailor a new PC to suit your needs which will save you money and get you more bang for your buck.

Intel NUC.  Small on your desk, big on features

The Intel NUC range of computers is my most common 'desktop' computer to supply to customers. Whether it's an entry level model for basic home use or a more powerful unit for a fast office environment, these Intel NUC computers can do it all and are a fraction of the size of a normal tower computer. 
Sometimes a normal tower computer is still the way to go, depending on what is required.
ASUS Laptop
Intel NUC being held by a person's hand

Light, fast laptops

I've always liked the Asus brand for laptops. They offer very good bang for the buck and have some really nice models available. Having said that, if someone has a preferred brand I can help them choose a model to suit their needs from any brand most times.
Minimum requirements for your new computer
Whether it's a new tower or desktop computer, the entry level for the components that I'd recommend are;
- Core i5 processor (or AMD Ryzen 5)
- Solid State Drive (SSD) instead of traditional Hard Disk Drive. 256GB or larger.
The other components in the computer don't really vary that much. If the user wants better gaming performance or photo/video editing then some recommendations would vary of course.
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