Who is Perth Computer Help?

Perth Computer Help (not to be confused with Computer Help Perth)  is run by one person, me, Layne. I've been repairing computers professionally since 2003 from my home in East Victoria Park. The business stemmed from a passion for computers, the art of modifying them and getting the most from technology. I specialize in helping home users and small or home offices get the most from their computers and mobile devices. Because the business is comprised of just me, you know that if you call, you're getting the same person each time, which my existing clients certainly appreciate.
If you're looking for a new computer, head to my NEW COMPUTERS page for more info.
Layne in Perth Computer Help office October 2019

What people say...

We would like to express our complete satisfaction of the service we have received from Layne at Perth Computer Help over the many years we have been a customer of his.  I think it has been approximately 12 years.

We have had a number of "queries" with our computer from time to time some more difficult than others and each time we contacted Layne he has attended to the problems promptly and successfully with the new 'remote' service he is able to provide.  How great is that.!!   Also the security we have through Layne is second to none  - we have been 'saved' many times.

In saying this only proves that Layne is up-to-date with all the latest protection services and programs.  He is up-to-date with anything to help his customers be safe and secure.  He is a very dedicated technician and I know we won't be going anywhere as long as Layne is still around. He knows everything regarding any technical device you may have  -  give him a call, he is ALWAYS happy to help.

M & R Elliott

December 2022

The Perth Computer Help Philosophy

I am keen to help users learn more about their computers and modern techology available to them, maybe I should call it 'perth computer users help'. My philosophy can be summed up by the ancient Chinese proverb...

Perth Computer Help philosophy - ancient Chinese proverb

I believe this sets me apart from many (most?) computer helpers. Sometimes the help required is to fix the problem in the quickest time possible. Sometimes the help required is to show what the problem is, how it can be fixed, and how it can be avoided in the future

How Can I Help You?

laptop repair, computer repair, Windows upgrade, Windows 10, Apple, MAC, Macbook, Xbox, game consoles, data backup, data recovery, internet, wifi

I offer friendly help and advice for all your PC demands, serving everyone and everything from the home user to business networks. Whether you require a new computer, assistance with getting the most from your Windows computer, or additional hardware to boost your company's network, Perth Computer Help can help.

Even if you just want assistance with what to buy I can help make sure you don't pay too much for a new computer or get something that doesn't match your requirements.

Contact me now to see how I can help you.

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